Innovating tradition

The development of a design concept is always a comprehensive experience encompassing our knowledge and marketing strategies.

A design house with an Italian heart

MOMODESIGN was born as design house in 1981, the Centro Stile today is integrated in the company headquartered in Milan, specializing in design development project for brands who aims to evolve.

A Centro Stile that has become a brand with a strong identity that has determined a marketing-oriented approach to design. The integration of skills is at the heart of the company’s activities to provide the market with multidisciplinary solutions.

Over 40 Years of experience

The multiplicity of experiences in different product areas over the years has allowed us to best express the essence of each brand. Its research is oriented towards multiple design themes developing experience in a national and international context.

Our values

Simplicity is the mantra that has allowed us to achieve absolute perfection of shape and style. Our values are based around 3 key concepts:

The essence of a concept
Inextricably linked to the concept of design with timeless style.
The strength that makes a brand recognisable and sets it out from the crowd by ensuring the key elements feature aesthetic coherence.